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Tru-Tech's customer promise 

Tru-Tech Cell Phone Repair is a reasonable company open to compromise to best satisfy it's customers. We provide a quality product and experience for each and every customer. Our warranty is to ensure every customer is satisfied with their purchase at Tru-Tech.  We also hope everyone with a question or similar interest contacts us as we do take all our feedback and support system very seriously. 

***Contact info can be found in the contact tab.

Tru-Tech's Warranty Policy

Tru-Tech will Warranty any item replaced in it's shop IF; The device is still in the same condition as when the customer left the shop. Meaning we can't replace any parts that have been damaged by the user such as a screen re-breaking or water damage, as this is not a factory default. Our Warranty will cover any factory issue with your product provided by Tru-Tech. The warranty is designed to satisfy our customers and make new customers feel ensured that Tru-Tech can do our job as this is our company promise.